Virtual Reality for Vaccinations,

Blood Withdrawal


IV Cannulation


Challenges of Vaccination/Injections

  •  Needle Phobia

  • Anxiety

  • Anticipating pain 

  • Long term anxiety about needles and medical professionals

  • Low vaccine uptake

  • Increased risk of needle injuries

  • Repeat vaccination appointments

  • Stressed parents

  • Increasing incidences of vaccine- preventable diseases

Outcomes of Traumatic  Experience

How can we help ???

"We provide a unique Virtual Reality solution that is designed for children and adults to minimize fear and anxiety of needles during vaccinations and injections"

It is proven to be effective in multiple research studies.

The Package includes

VR Headset

VR software

Installation and updates



Unique Features

  • Single-dose or up to 4 vaccines/injections

  • VR narrative tracks real life actions

  • Custom designed animated 360° environment using soothing sounds and music

  • Aimed at children 4+  years old.

  • Teen and Adult experience also available

  • Simple audio and blue tooth motion sensor for provider control

  • Provider can pause/resume experience

  • Sequences for skin preparation, disinfection swab and bandaging

  • Does not require internet connectivity!

  • Fast patient turnaround 

  • Available in English and Spanish 

•Increase in vaccine uptake

•Reduction in needle phobia as patient does not see the injection

•Less anxiety

•Better nurse-child relationship for future care

•Efficient use of appointment time




"Much easier and less stressful for a child and parent"

-Mother of 4 year old child

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